Epic Games’ Apple developer account is no more

A few weeks ago Apple stated that it might terminate Epic Games’ Apple developer account if the company continues to violate the rules within the App Store. Today, Apple followed through and locked the game developer’s account.

Before the move, only Fortnite was banned from the App Store. Now that Epic Games’ developer account is banned, other games such as Infinity Blade Stickers and Battle Breakers are also gone.

iPhone and iPad owners can still play Fortnite on their respective devices. However, they won’t be able to get updates or play the newest Season 4, or play with others who use different platforms.

The reason behind the block is due to Epic Games’ adding of an in-app payment system which was a violation of the App Store guidelines. The two parties have been involved in a legal battle since.

PUBG, Fortnite’s competitor has been seen in a prominent position within the App Store.

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