Epic Games files for Fortnite and developer account reinstatement

A week after its popular videogame Fortnite was pulled off App Store shelves and its developer account blocked, Epic Games has filed a preliminary injunction to reverse the action.

In the document, Epic Games explained that the challenge ‘felt right’ and they could ‘weather the storm’ compared to smaller companies, and they wanted to break Apple’s monopoly when it prohibited competitive entries to its in-app payment system and app distribution process.

Furthermore, Epic reiterates that they might suffer irreparable harm and cites the 60% loss of daily iOS users as one that’s in Epic’s favor.

In the middle of August Epic Games added an in-app payment system that circumvented App Store’s. Apple responded by blocking the app and preventing iOS users from being able to update it. Epic then filed a lawsuit and Apple answered back by blocking their developer’s account.

Epic Games’ preliminary injunction hearing is set on September 28, 2020.

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