EU Code Week Will Feature Apple Swift

The European Union is getting ready with its Code Week programs, which run from October 5th to the 20th. This year, they will be adapting Apple’s ‘Everyone Can Code’ platform and Swift language and showing it to students and teachers throughout the nation.

Clare Scott, a teacher mentions that Swift Playgrounds has changed the landscape of subject engagement among students. For instance, those who had coding backgrounds are more inclined to take an active role and tend to be more resourceful when tackling problems.

Alice Nutt agrees and says that coding can help with all subjects, from arts to sciences. The teacher shares that coding is everywhere around us- for example, when we’re sequencing things we do and events we experience, and when we’re improving what we wrote.

Apple reports that there are more than 5,000 educational institutions that are using its ‘Everyone Can Code’ program.

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