European digital advertisers criticize Apple for new privacy controls in iOS 14 for app tracking

According to a report by Reuters, several Europe Digital Advertising Companies are now criticizing Apple because iOS 14 requires additional permission from users to track them though other apps and websites.

According to the report, 16 marketing associations criticized Apple now making the apps in iOS 14 for seeking permission twice, which in turn will increase the users to refuse and not sue the app at all.

iOS 14

Apple introduced the new iOS 14 during the WWDC event this year in which Apple explained its new privacy features and also explained the new app tracking controls. It means that the developers will now have to get user permission to track them through an app.

A new pop-up will appear that will have a message that the app will like to track you across websites and apps which are owned by the company. Also, the developers will have to tell the users as to why they are seeking their permission to track them through the websites and the apps owned by the company.

The EU Digital Advertisers are criticizing this new mechanism for seeking consent from the users. European digital marketing firms say that this new pop-up carries a higher risk of refusal.