Three former Apple executives have launched a startup company that designs processors for use in data centers. The trio, who have worked on the iPhone’s mobile chips during their stay at Apple, have raised $53 million to date.

Ex-Apple Bigwigs Form a Datacenter Processor Company

John Bruno, Manu Gulati and Gerard Williams III make up Nuvia. Gulati has stayed with Apple for 8 years in mobile SoC development before going to Google in 2017. Williams spent 9 years with Apple as ‘Chief Architect’ on SoC and CPU development.

Reuters mentions that the three are in collaboration to create powerful yet efficient processors for data center use. The startup hopes to break into the processor market with Phoenix, a self-designed chip that promises performance gains and lower energy consumption at the same time.

The project has received a $53 million funding, notably from Dell and other investors. There’s no comment on whether Dell will use the Nuvia chips for its servers.


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