Fender has released an app for the iPhone that allows people to see piano and guitar chords when they play songs via Apple Music. The chords and lyrics scroll along in real-time.

Fender Songs App Teaches Piano and Guitar Through Apple Music

Fender has shared a few more details in their press release. The company outlined the features in their app, such as practice mode and the ability to record themselves using the iPhone’s front-facing camera.

Furthermore, there’s a Browse and Search feature, Setlists creation, Playing Tools such as accompaniment from bass and drums, drums or metronome, count-in, left-handed mode, capo and tempo adjustment and a larger song selection.

Interested users can look for Fender Songs in the App Store and download them for free. To unlock full access, users can pay $5 per month or $42 a year. The app is currently supported on the iPod Touch and iPhone, with an iPad version in the works.


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