Apple Arcade is bolstered with five new titles today, all of which can be played on the Mac, Apple TV, iPad and iPhone.

Five New Games Hit Apple Arcade This Week

Here is the list of newly added games:

Jumper Jon. Made by Esteban Duran, Jumper Jon features a Metroidvania-type gameplay where the hero only lives for 30 seconds.

Jumper Jon

Monomals. Created by Picomy, Monomals is a quirky game where you play as an animal and go fishing to help the DJs.


Starfetched. Made by Crescent Moon Games, Starfetched is equal parts exploration, tower defence, RPG and side scroller with plenty of character and unique elements.


Super Mega Mini Party. Created by Red Games Co., Super Mega Mini Party is made up of mini-games for casual play.

Super Mega

The Mosiac. Raw Fury’s title is a dark adventure game about urban isolation and working within a mysterious cog you can’t understand.

The Mosiac

Apple Arcade now has 87 games on the Mac and 94 titles on tvOS and iOS in total.


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