‘For All Mankind’ Gets a Preview at New York Comic Con

Apple has previewed its second Apple TV+ show at New York Comic Con, ‘For All Mankind’ in a 15-minute teaser of the first episode. A panel interview was set up as well, with the lead cast and Ron Moore, the series’ executive producer answering questions about the sci-fi show.

‘For All Mankind’ is a what-if of the actual space program that happened in the 60s. The show deviates from what happened, and instead plays out with the US government competing against the Soviets. Currently, Apple has planned a total of three seasons, which will start November 1.

'For All Mankind' Gets a Preview at New York Comic Con

In the panel interview, the team compared the series to ‘Mad Men’ but with NASA. The preview wasn’t released publicly but the reactions were generally positive.

Apple TV+ is set to go live November 1 for $4.99 per month. For All Mankind is one of the many Apple original shows that will be available come launch.