Fortune’s list of top 100 ‘greatest designs of modern times’ has eight Apple products

Fortune published a list of “The Greatest 100 Designs of Modern Times.” According to Fortune, these are the products that make the life of an individual simple, better, and more stylish.  This list of 100 products has eight Apple products in it. And at the top of the list at number one is the iPhone.

Fortune, together with the help of the IIT Institute of Design and polled educators, corporate design teams, and freelance designers, compiled the list of top 100 designs of the modern era. 

Apple products

Fortune describes the iPhone as did Steve Jobs in 2007 while introducing it to the world. He said, “An iPod, a phone, an Internet communicator,” it also says, “Apple has sold more than 2 billion iPhones–and in the process has become the most valuable company in the world.”

The next product to make on the list is the Apple Macintosh. It defines the personal computer revolution. There are six more Apple products on the Fortune’s list at various positions. The iPod is in the 10th position, and the MacBook Pro designed by Apple in 2006 is in the 14th position. Apple’s App Store is 22nd on the list. The iOS is in the 29th spot. The Apple Watch made a list at spot number 46, and Apple Pay is also in the 64th product on the list.