France asks Apple to remove Bluetooth restrictions for a new App


Apple iPhone has Bluetooth restrictions and limitations like no other smartphone. According to a report by Bloomberg, France wants Apple to lift the Bluetooth limitations to launch its virus tracking App that uses Bluetooth technology. France claims that this limitation is delaying the launch of the virus-tracking App.  

Apple to remove Bluetooth

Apple iOS restricts the apps on the phone to use Bluetooth in the background. Apple implements this rule to protect the privacy of the users. With this limitation, the contact tracing app or the virus tracking app can only access Bluetooth when it is running. 

Cedric O who is France’s Digital Minister told Bloomberg that France has plans to launch the App by 11 May. In his statement, he said that France has asked apple to lift the retractions on Bluetooth the technical obstacle to develop a sovereign European health solution. He also told Bloomberg in an interview that Apple’s restriction on the Bluetooth on iPhones is standing in the way of the Apps launch.

Apple is already in partnership with Google to develop a Bluetooth-based app for stopping the spread of coronavirus. The UK government also has the same problems with Apple as it is developing its App for contact tracing.

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