France’s competition authority to fine Apple for anti-competitive behavior

According to a report by Reuters, the French competition authority is all set to fine Apple for the anticompetitive behavior in its distribution and sales network. The report says that Apple sales and delivery are not in line with the French competition law. 

The sources at Reuters said, “The competition authority will give a decision on the matter on Monday, confirming an earlier report by online news website Politico Europe.” 


There are no specific details about the amount of fine the authorities will impose on Apple.  However, Apple says that back in October 2019, the French authorities alleged Apple that its sales and distribution practices are against the French competition Law. Apple denies all these allegations.

According to the report issued by FCA in June 2019, “Aspects of the Company’s sales and distribution practices in France violate French competition law. The Company (Apple) vigorously disagrees with the allegations. FCA, on October 15, 2019, held a hearing, and now the Company is awaiting the decision of the FCA, which may include a fine.”

Earlier this year, authorities also fined Apple for intentionally slowing down various iPhone models.  Apple had to pay 25 million Euros. It seems another case for Apple, which will cause a loss in revenue.