Germany is now in favor of Apple-Google Tracing API over own contact Tracing API

Germany had intentions to use its solution for contact tracing. According to reports on Sunday said, Germany will now use Apple-Google API and not its API to track the spreading of COVID-19 just like other European countries. 

Last week Germany said that it will use home technology for tracking the coronavirus-affected individuals. In a report by Reuters Apple did not support the German solution. Germany wanted to use PEPP-PT, (Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing). Using this would make Apple change its settings for Bluetooth on iPhones. 

Apple-Google Tracing API

According to a senior source in the German government, when Apple refused to change the settings, so Germany had no alternative but to accept the Apple-Google methodology and reverse its course.  Helge Braun the Chancellery Minister and Jens Spahn who is the Health Minister, both said Germany will abandon the home-grown contact tracing technology.  

Apple and Google are now calling Contact Tracing, Exposure Notification. Apple and Google have plans to release the new versions of iOS that will now support these APIs. The API will support iOS versions dating back to iOS 6. Google and Apple started the joint venture on April 10. It will use Bluetooth technology to alert the users if they are close to the person who has COVID-19 symptoms or who tested positive for COVID-19.