Google and Apple Ordered by US Government to Disclose User Information of Gun Scope App

Apple and Google were ordered by the United States government to hand over user information of a gun scope app.

The Department of Justice demanded information through a court order for users of the Obsidian 4 app created by American Technologies Network Corporation to be released for scrutiny.

The Obsidian 4 app allows gun owners to take videos and calibrate their scopes via a smartphone. On Google Play, it records 10,000 downloads ever since it went live.

State Surveillance program lead Edin Omanovic says that the order can become a dangerous precedent that gives the US government access to innocent people’s personal information, including their names, phone numbers and more.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement reasoned that a broad investigation was taking place, which looked into possible weapons export breaches. This included the ATN scope which is supported by the app.

Both companies declined to comment, and it’s not sure whether or not they will provide the data.

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