Google and Apple work to strengthen the privacy of contact tracing App which is now referred to as “Exposure Notification”


Several officials around the world gave feedback about the Contact Tracing App and now Apple is working with Google to make changes to their App to strengthen its privacy. Also, Apple and Google are now referring “contact tracing” as “exposure notification.”

Google and Apple
  • According to the report, the API will now encrypt the Bluetooth MetaData which will make it more difficult for someone to identify a person using that information. 
  • The API will now generate the key randomly rather than deriving it from a temporary tracing key. It will make it more difficult for anyone who tries to guess the key generation process to identify the person. 
  • The app will now record the exposure in five minutes 
  • The information exchanged between phones will now also have the power level of the Bluetooth signal.
  • Developers can now the duration thresholds and also specify the signal strength for exposure events. 
  •  The API will now use an AES algorithm instead of HMAC that will help improve the efficiency and performance of the phone. 

Apple and Google will make more changes to the API depending on the feedback from the health authorities around the world.

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