Google’s Answer to Apple Arcade is the Play Pass Service

Google has announced that they will be launching a new gaming service called Play Pass. Android users can now download and play more than 350 apps and games for a flat subscription rate of $4.99 a month, similar to the one Apple offers.

Most of the apps and games in Play Pass are devoid of ads and in-app purchases. Plus, they can be shared among 5 devices and family members. Some of the notable games include Stardew Valley, Star Wars KOTOR, Monument Valley and Titan Quest, and apps AccuWeather, Facetune and more. There are also kid-friendly games and edutainment apps for those who have young children.

Google promises new content on a monthly basis, something that’s also touted in Apple Arcade. Play Pass is currently limited to the US audience, with other countries getting access to the service soon. Right now, Android users can sign up for a free, enjoy the 10-day trial and pay $4.99 after.

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