iCloud storage goes up to 4TB with an Apple One subscription

The maximum storage subscription on iCloud has been set at 4TB for those who have signed up for Apple One.

iCloud customers who don’t have an Apple One subscription will have theirs maxed out at just 2TB. The new bundled service offers iCloud solutions on 50GB, 200Gb or 2TB depending on the tier.

iCloud Storage on Apple One

A support document suggests that those who want more storage can purchase iCloud storage addons, up to 4TB in total.

To get the maximum allowed storage space, Apple users can get the Premier Apple One service for 2TB of iCloud storage and purchase an additional 2TB through the iCloud plan for $9.99.

Shared accounts can use the included 2TB of iCloud storage or buy extra space separately through an iCloud plan. The Apple One subscriber can expand storage for all others by getting it through iCloud plans for a maximum of 4TB.

The official support document outlines scenarios how Apple One plans and iCloud storage work together. It can be viewed on the official Apple website.