iFixit’s Teardown of AirPods Pro

iFixit has shared its teardown of the latest Apple AirPods Pro, which contains a 0/10 repairability score, the same one as with the original AirPods.

Notable surprises during the teardown include a watch-style battery cell in each AirPod, which is quite similar to the battery in Galaxy Buds, glue and a generous amount of soldering which renders the AirPods Pro irreparable.

iFixit's Teardown of AirPods Pro
iFixit's Teardown

iFixit believes that Apple could re-use the Force sensor, microphones, antennas and System on Package, but the glue and non-modular design, and lack of parts have made it uneconomical and impractical.

Customers will have to purchase new AirPods Pro when the battery dies. Apple currently charges $89 for either left or right AirPod, and $178 for the pair. The fees become lower when you get an AppleCare+ for Headphones. The $29 plan will reduce the cost of replacement to just $29 and covers the device for up to two years with a two-incident limit.