Apple has officially made its newest iOS version available to the public. iPhone users can now download and enjoy the new features, notably Car Key and Audio content in Apple News+.

iOS 13.6

iOS 13.6 has come a long way from its predecessor, the iOS 13. In iOS 13.5 users got the contact tracing notification, while the 13.5.1 patched a jailbreak vulnerability.

In a Newsroom article iOS 13.6 has quite a few neat features- Audio News+ audio stories, CarPlay support and Car Key. It’s the first time Car Key has been introduced for use- it works as a sort of digital key to unlock, lock and start supported vehicles. It also can be shared via iMessage and works even when your iPhone runs out of charge.

The Health app gains a notable feature that allows users to track new symptoms. The News app has gained privacy options which can be found in the settings.

Full release notes can be found on the official Apple website.


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