iOS 15 prominently shows free offers for Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade

Apple has bumped up the links to avail of the free Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade on new iPhone 13 devices in the Settings app.

The offers are located at the top of the Settings app, below the user’s Apple ID. Some have reported that they got 6 months free, while others claim they received 3 months for the game and video streaming service.

Apple TV+

The free offer is displayed for those who haven’t tried Apple Arcade or Apple TV+ before, which could mean a per-user ad targeting. On social media, people say they could remove it by interacting and not availing of the deal.

As part of anti-competitive issues arising with Apple, the company has been making several improvements to reshape its policy. One is settling a class action lawsuit to deal with App Store commissions and fees. Another is an option for the user to lead them out of the App Store and to the web for account management.