iOS code reveals Apple will replace messages App with a Catalyst Version


According to 9to5mac, several new features will come to iOS 14. Apple will officially announce the release of the iOS 14 in the next month. 9to5mac says that there is evidence found in the iOS 14 code which leads to the fact that Apple will completely replace the Messages App in the Mac with a new Catalyst version.

iOS Code

There are many features of the iMessage app but these features are not available for Mac users. It has a sticker, message effects and extensions, and a few more. However, these features are not in Mac’s Message app. It is a basic app that only sends and receives messages. 

9to5mac reports that they have found strong evidence of a catalyst version of the messaging app. It means that Apple is bringing the iMessage app from the iPadOS and iOS to Mac. It will have all the features which the users enjoy on the iOS iMessage app. 

Apple updates the iMessage app, but the Mac message app has not been updated. Once Apple has a similar app for messaging it will be easy for them to upgrade the app for various devices. It is expected that Apple will introduce Catalyst Messages when they release the next version of the macOS. 


Samantha Wiley

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