Korean rapper “Kim Namjoon” says he’s lost 33 AirPods already


Kim Namjoon, Korean pop rapper and member of BTS has revealed that he’s already on his thirty-fourth pair of AirPods in a fan Q&A chat, which went viral on Twitter.

This is the Kim Namjoon named Korean Rapper.

The revelation reveals a lot of things about the Apple Airpods, mainly the fact that they’re more disposable than any other Apple product. The mini-batteries and radios make it difficult to repair, and the wireless aspect is one of the main reasons why they get lost so easily.


Still, Apple offers AirPods recycling at Apple Stores for environmentally-conscious individuals. These AirPods are sent to be processed to make new ones or for reclamation purposes.

In hindsight, the cost of 33 AirPods equals $6,000 or roughly the price of a new Mac Pro base model. Apple AirPods are becoming quite the social media meme during holidays, and with the AirPods Pro being recently launched it won’t be fading anytime soon.


Haider Ali Khan

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