Latvia and Italy use Apple’s exposure notification API to launch several Apps

Countries in Europe are now taking advantage of the exposure notification API designed by Apple and Google. It is now reported that in the last few days, Latvia and Italy have launched several apps that use the Apple Google exposure notification API. 

Federico Vittici of MacStories mentions in a tweet that Italy today released a privacy-focused contact tracing app called Immuni. He tweeted: 


“Immuni, the Italian government’s #COVID19 contact-tracing app based on the Apple-Google API, is now out. The app does not use GPS.”

He also shared the screenshots of the prompt and settings page of the iOS 13.5 Logging and Notifications after enabling the Immuni. This app alerts the users if they have been exposed to the coronavirus. The users need to give special permission to the app to operate such as using Bluetooth Low Energy.

Italy and Latvia now become the second and third country after Switzerland to launch their contact tracing apps that use the Apple-Google API. Last week Switzerland launched its contact tracing app called, “SwissCOVID.” Last week Latvia also released its privacy-forward contact tracing app called Apturi which also used the Apple-Google Exposure Notification API.