Latvia will launch its COVID-19 tracing App that uses Apple-Google API

Latvia will soon launch its COVID-19 tracing application. It will be the first app in the country to use the Apple-Google API for contact tracing.

The name of the App is Apturi COVID – Stop COVID. The app will be based on the tools that were released as a beta last week. The developers of the app gave a statement to Reuters saying that relying on this standard (Apple-Google API) will also ensure others will also use it for contact tracing apps around the world. 

The app will only work for Latvia at its launch. However, Latvia also has plans for the app to converse with other regional versions of the app such as the apps developed by Estonia Switzerland, and Germany.

If it happens then it will be easier for those who travel between countries to use the same version of the app instead of installing another version for that country. This app aims to ensure that the spread of COVID-19 is at its minimum. These apps can help people know about those who are infected and let them be at a distance from them. 

Many other countries have developed their contact tracing apps which do not rely on the Apple-Google API, but they have not seen much success.

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