Leaked photos of Apple AirPower surface online

AirPower was a wireless charging device that could potentially power your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch. Unfortunately, two years after it was announced Apple canceled the project and the concept faded to oblivion.

Recently on Twitter, Mr-white posted some photos and videos of the AirPower’s innards. The leaked content showed how the charging mat would have worked- it contained seven coils packed together so Apple devices would get charged when they’re placed on top. Underneath the coils were complex components that tied them all together.

Apple AirPower Surface

Among the content was a teardown video for those who want a visual rundown.

The AirPower was considered a cutting-edge tech and invention back in 2017 when wireless charging was still a novel concept. However, the Cupertino-based company announced that hardware engineering issues kept them from realizing the product and canceled it in 2019.

There are rumors that say development for AirPower is still ongoing. However, there are already third-party options on the market.