Lego builder’s journey an exclusive for Apple Arcade

Subscription-based Apple Arcade now has a new addition to its lineup- Lego Builder’s Journey, a title that’s exclusive only to the platform.

The brick-based puzzle game is described as a ‘poetic puzzle’ and takes place entirely in Lego world. Brick-by-brick effects are coupled with a beautiful soundtrack to draw you in and keep you playing.

Lego Builder's Journey an Exclusive for Apple Arcade
Lego builder’s journey an exclusive for Apple Arcade

Builder’s Journey is Light Brick’s creation and the first title that came out of the Lego Games studio. Apple Arcade subscribers can now see the preview or download the game at the App Store.

The Apple Arcade is a subscription-based game service that costs $4.99 a month. It can be played on Apple TV, Mac, iPad and iPhone and has over a hundred different titles to choose from. You can try it free for a month and enjoy exclusive games such as Rayman Mini, Oceanhorn 2, Various Daylife, Sayonara Wild Hearts and Frogger in Toy Town without getting interrupted by ads or in-app purchases.