LinkedIn sued for reading private user data through clipboard on iOS


Like many other iOS apps, LinkedIn was also caught reading the user data through the clipboard. Thanks to the new privacy feature of the iOS 14, the system alerts the users whenever an app tries to read their data from the clipboard.


Even though the company says it was unintentional and reading the data was caused by a bug, the user who is suing the company says that the app reads the sensitive data without permission.  


According to a report by Yahoo! Finance the lawsuit was filed against LinkedIn by Adam Bauer in the San Francisco federal court. He argued that the company collects personal data from the iPad and the iPhone through the clipboard.

Adam also said that the app may not have direct access to the data from the device but it does get access to the nearby Apple device’s using Apple’s Universal Clipboard feature. This lawsuit classifies the problem at hand as an alleged violation of social norms. Under the California Law, it is a violation of the law.

LinkedIn hasn’t given any statement yet. A few days ago when it was discovered the company did mention that it was due to a bug and not intentional. 

Apple has added a new privacy feature to the iOS and iPad OS 14. Now the users get alerts if app access and pastes data from the clipboard. This new feature has caught several apps in the act of clipboard snooping. TikTok, LinkedIn, AccuWeather, and AliExpress are only a few on the list.

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