‘Look Around’ feature expands to Phoenix, AZ

Apple Maps ‘Look Around’ is now available in Phoenix, AZ, with 3D street level views similar to Street View in Google Maps.

‘Look Around’ was first seen in iOS 13 but was only available for a few cities. Apple has slowly expanded the region to include Oahu, New York, London, Houston, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco.

Look Around

This year, ‘Look Around’ has been added to cities such as Japan in August and Chicago in April. Recently, it’s become available in Edinburgh, Dublin and London.

To experience ‘Look Around’ you will need to update to the latest version of Apple Maps. Go to App Store then Settings and see if the app is updated.

Apple is working to expand the feature to other cities around the world. ‘Look Around’ is similar to Google Street View and offers the same details such as parks, trees, stores and more.