The Look Around feature, which was introduced in Apple Maps in iOS 13 has expanded to more US cities, including Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Detroit and Denver.

Apple Maps

Look Around allows Apple Map users to get to street-level views and 3D imagery where available. The feature is similar to Street View by Google.

Look Around was initially limited to a few cities when it launched on iOS 13 but has slowly expanded to cover more cities over time. Currently, it’s available in twenty-two cities around the globe.

Before the expansion to Detroit, Denver, Miami and Fort Lauderdale Look Around had been added to Southern Canada along with a redesign of the app. 

To get a full list of the cities and regions that already have ‘Look Around’ you can visit the official Apple website. To see Look Around in the aforementioned cities users are advised to update their Apple Maps to the latest version.


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