Millions of dollars of Apple goods stolen in the UK


Approximately $6.6 million of Apple products have been stolen in the UK, as reported by the Northamptonshire Police.

Apple Goods Stolen

The theft took place on the M1 Highway where a security guard and truck driver were moving a shipment of Apple goods in a truck. There, they were held up and tied to get to the Apple products.

The heist happened November 10 at 8pm Tuesday. The thieves moved the trailer containing the goods to a truck and left the security guard and driver behind.

The police later found the truck abandoned in Lutterworth. The authorities believed that about 48 pallets worth of Apple products have been moved to a third vehicle.

The UK police are currently investigating the matter. Individuals and witnesses are in question and the public has been advised to call the Northamptonshire Police when they see Apple products offered at low prices or under unusual circumstances.

Suspects have not been identified.

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