More than 50% of Apple Stores in China reopen


Reportedly 29 of 42 Apple Stores in China are to reopen Monday, basing it on a review of the firm’s retail websites. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, most stores have been shut down several weeks ago.

More Than 50% of Apple Stores in China Reopen

The locations that will have resumed operation are open for shorter periods of time. More are expected to re-open but there’s no official word from Apple as of the moment.

Apple stated that their revenue for March will not meet expectations largely due to lower customer demand and constrained iPhone supply. Limited hours and store closures have affected customer traffic, and while Apple has resumed production within the country the progress has been generally slow.
Bloomberg has reported that iPhone sales in January have declined due to the coronavirus outbreak. It’s expected that February won’t be promising either due to problems with supply and demand. The Cupertino-based company states that it will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates on its next quarterly call in April of 2020.

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