Moving ‘Up Next’ Queue on Top Shelf Now Available on tvOS 13.3

Apple has redesigned the home screen on the tvOS 13, beginning with full screen previews on the Top Shelf section. The move also changed Top Shelf content from the Up Next queue to What to Watch, which was essentially advertising and generated a ton of complaints from Apple TV users.

Today, Apple has released the tvOS 13.3, and with it an option to change What to Watch back to Up Next. Apple TV users can go to Settings and choose App, then TV app to facilitate the change.

tvOS 12

The ‘Up Next’ mode is similar to that of the tvOS 12 in terms of design interface, with scrollable tiles that show multiple items. Swipe to choose and tap the show or movie you want and the device should start playing it.

tvOS 12

tvOS 13.3 beta started making the rounds this week, but there’s no official release date as of the moment.

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