National Portrait Gallery in London Features Jony Ive Portrait

The National Portrait Gallery in London announces its most recent commission- a shot by Andreas Gursky showing Jony Ive in a thoughtful pose at the Apple Park.

In the photo, Jony Ive wears an almost all-white ensemble standing on a ledge at the main building of Apple Park. Jony Ive plays a key role in the design and construction of the Apple HQ.

The late Steve Jobs often calls Ives his ‘creative partner’, who has led Apple’s design front for more than 10 years. As Chief Design Officer, Ive has been instrumental in some of the most iconic Apple products, including the Apple Watch, Mac and iPhone and the modern look of Apple Stores.

In June of 2019, Apple announced that Ive will be leaving Apple to form an independent design company, though a partnership remains between the two. Jony Ive’s portait will be displayed at the London National Portrait Gallery, where it can be viewed for free.

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