Near-Perfect Apple-1 with Custom Wood Case Expected to Fetch $1.75M

Apple-1 computers have fetched anywhere from $300K to $600K historically, but this is the first time a working Apple-1 unit is expected to get a sale price in the millions.

On eBay, an Apple-1 with a custom wood case has been listed for a whopping $1.75 million. The seller has added that the unit is in near-perfect condition, and the Byte Shop wood case is only one of six remaining.

Item description stated that the seller was only the 2nd owner, and kept the unit in its condition since 1978. The price tag includes a Sony TV-115 modulator, original power supply and more.

The computer has been verified by Corey Cohen, an Apple-1 expert this August and is listed under the Apple-1 Registry.

The highest price an Apple-1 has fetched was a pre-production unit that sold in 2016 for $815K. The Apple-1 in eBay has an ‘accepting offers’ option as well as the buy in price.

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