Netflix introduced video streaming, can Apple revolutionize it?


Netflix changed the way we watch movies at home. That’s actually a understatement, it would be correct to say that, Netflix changed the way we movies. There has been a significant amount of change in the way people used to go to the theatres (box office).

Can Apple revolutionize the video streaming industry?

Many have found comfort in staying at home and streaming a film on Netflix while relaxing on the couch by themselves. It wouldn’t have happened if the company just borrowed films and TV shows from others and streamed them. It had to make its own content to build interest in the user in order to build a user base.

Following the success of Netflix, major companies like HBO and Amazon started their own versions of the same. Now, more companies like AT&T, Disney, and Apple are readying their own services with original content. The service by Apple is the most talked about in town, as Apple Music has been a huge hit with the masses.

The video streaming service by Apple is expected to be unveiled on 25th of March. The company announced earlier today that, it would be holding an event at the Steve Jobs Theatre. The invites that were sent to the press read “It’s show time.”. The teaser similar to the one Apple used back in 2006 when it announced the addition of films to iTunes.

What could Apple do so as to stand out from the already crowded market? Well, it’d be nice for a streaming service to have all the movies and TV shows from HBO, Netflix, etc. Its very unlikely that Apple could pull off such a stunt but that’s one way to revolutionize the video streaming industry. Its worth noting that, Apple did change the way we use phone and in the process also made its phones free from carrier bloatware by pushing its own ideas and not falling on its knees.

It’ll be interesting to see Apple unveiling apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Smart TVs which run on Android TV. However, the big question is whether Apple will release the service on older (not much) TVs which like the Samsung SMART TV and LG TVs (webOS) which don’t run Android TV.

With Apple Music, the company took the path of releasing the service on all major platforms. However, the experience of streaming music on Windows and Mac is a pain; the company is expected to soon release a standalone music app for the same. TV streaming is a much bigger thing compared to music, so we hope Apple to do better with it: makes the apps buttery smooth on all the platforms and not just iOS and Mac.

Steven Spielberg is working on an anthology series for Apple

Apple has already begun working on original content for its streaming service. Big players like Steven Spielberg, Damien Chazelle, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Aniston are already onboard with Apple on multiple projects.

Will Apple revolutionize the video streaming industry? Join us on 25th of March as we bring more details on the streaming service by Apple.

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