There are rumors that suggest Apple will be releasing a new over-the-ear headphones for the 1st half of 2020. Jon Prosser, a YouTuber has gone on Twitter to share an image that shows the new Apple device as part of Target’s inventory.

New 'AirPods X Generation' Appears on Target's Inventory

The image shows Target referring to the product as ‘Apple AirPods X Generation’ and has it listed at $399. Currently, the AirPods’ most expensive model is the $249 AirPods Pro which means that it won’t be the most expensive when the over-ear headphones launch.

Target employees say that ‘AirPods X Generation’ are just placeholders and are unlikely to be the final name. Ming Chi Kuo, Apple analyst has mentioned recently that Apple will be launching a new premium headphones lineup in the 1st half of 2020, which makes the leak somewhat credible.

We may expect an announcement in March, where it’s believed that Apple will be revealing the iPhone 9 and the new iPad Pro.


Haider Ali Khan is an entrepreneur from Perth, Western Australia. He is the Owner and Editor-in-Chief of iLounge.