New Apple Ads Highlight the iPhone 11 Pro Camera’s Toughness and Features

Apple has shared two new video ads that show off the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera features. Titled ‘Triple-Camera System’ and ‘It’s Tough Out There’, the ads are now available to watch on the internet.

‘Tough Out There’ features the iPhone 11 Pro’s durability in an ad that lasts a minute long. Apple’s device gets hit with toy trucks, vegetables and a wedding cake as the finale. Then, sprinklers are turned on to show the iPhone’s water-resistant feature.

‘Triple Camera System’ is shorter but it’s shot in the same futuristic lab. The subject is a collie with hair blowing around like a shampoo commercial. The iPhone’s standard, telephoto and ultra wide angle lens are highlighted, and the finish is a cute capture of the dog in Night Mode.

The iPhone 11 Pro will be available for pre-orders starting September 13. Units will be launched and shipped to customers starting September 20.

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