New Apple Amsterdam Store Opens October 24


The Apple Store in Amsterdam will be opening October 24 following a lengthy period of renovation. Its new design will include a new video wall that will be used for Today at Apple events.

Flagship Apple Amsterdam Store Opens October 24

Apple Amsterdam will also have a special event that will be manned by the country’s film industry professionals. Interested individuals can sign up and co-create animations, trailers or soundtracks with Eye Filmmuseum. Demand for these Apple events are quite high, so you should book early.

The store’s redesign will incorporate modern design elements with existing iconic architecture. One of the views taken is that the renovation should harmonize with the building and the surroundings as well.

The store will be the stage of new iPad Pros and Macs if the rumors are true, although it missed the launch of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11. The film sessions are expected to run from October 24 until November 21.

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