New Apple Glasses might be able to turn any surface into a touch interface

The trend on technology is veering towards a more immersive AR and VR experience. Recently, Apple has submitted a patent that works with Apple Glasses and features how any surface could become a virtual interface.

The patent, which is revealed to have been worked on since 2016 shows the possibility of how Apple Glasses users could interact with the mixed environment without having to use an iPad or iPhone as a viewfinder. Instead of having to tap on a screen, users can interact with the environment and call up a virtual touch interface using heat sensing technology.

This method allows Apple Glasses users to project controls to real world objects when the heat sensing technology is activated. It’s a step forward in the innovation of augmented and virtual reality as a whole since virtual controls can now appear on-screen.

Patents only serve as a placeholder, and not all of them see the light of day. Still, it’s interesting to see how it turns out when Apple announces their Apple Glasses to the public in the upcoming years.

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