New Apple keyboard patent explores adaptive display on keys

Apple has recently submitted a patent where keyboards have displays on the keys for label changing aspects and other matters.

Patently Apple has spotted the filing, titled ‘Electronic devices having keys with coherent fiber bundles. The US Patent and Trademark Office has already granted the patent.

In detail, the patent mentioned how keys would have a key display and will be connected to control circuitry within the keyboard using a coherent fiber bundle. Each key will have opposing 1st and 2nd surfaces.

The patent further stipulates how the keys will have micro-displays for showing compatible pixel arrays and will be made up of materials like polymer, metal, ceramic, glass or crystalline materials.

The patent will allow the keyboard to be re-configurable, which means the label can change as needed, e.g., for different languages or to convert standard key configuration into a customizable gaming keyboard.

Images reveal the keyboard could potentially be used in desktop or laptop computers. Keep in mind that patents do not necessarily mean the technology will be introduced in the market, but it’s interesting to see what Apple is currently working on.

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