New Apple patent reveals color sampling technology


Future Apple Pencils may have color-sampling technology taken from real objects.

Apple Patent

Apple has filed a patent today that delves further into what the Apple Pencil can do. The patent, labeled ‘Computer System w/ Color Sampling Stylus’ is described as having a color sensor. This new feature can measure light via photodetectors, and sample color from a flower or any colored object.

The patent also shows how the stylus could be fitted with added light sources so the photodetectors could work more accurately. Apple’s patent shows the stylus as having a tip, an opposing end, an elongated body and being able to work on touch-sensitive displays.

Positioning of the photo sensors are found at the tip or coupled to it via a light guide. The user can hold the Pencil tip against a real world object and obtain the color as it’s saved in an app and later assigned to a brush. Afterwards, the user can use the color for drawings, editing, digital art and calibrating printers, displays and more.

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