New inventory products have appeared on Target’s inventory system, ones that could be possible announcements in the Apple event in March.

New Apple Watch Bands, iPod Touch and Apple TV Models Appear in Target's Inventory

Images pertaining to Apple devices ‘iPod Touch X Generation’, ‘Apple Watch X Bands’ and ‘Apple TV X Gen’ have appeared in Target’s system. Furthermore, there are four entries, or SKUs for Apple TV and three for the new Apple Watch bands. The Apple TV was listed at $179, while the bands are $49 and the iPod Touch are at $399.

Apple TV 4K

The ‘X’ labels are believed to be just placeholders until Apple makes the official announcement and reveals the name of the devices. Pricing are not final as well- retailers often make guesses as to how much the items would cost.

If anything, these leaks should serve to let consumers know that Apple will soon be revealing its 2020 product lineup. There’s also a chance that some of these won’t make it to the final cut, as was the case of the Apple AirPower mat.


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