New Apple Watch challenge titled ‘Ring in the New Year’

Apple Watch users will get a notification for a new challenge next month- the ‘Ring in the New Year’ should appear in January of 2020. It’s worthy to note that this challenge did not appear in 2019 after Apple began the tradition four years ago.

This marks the first Apple Watch challenge activity for 2020. Challenges are made for users to discover new workouts, and with ‘Ring in the New Year’, Apple Watch users must close three Activity rings for 7 days straight. The reward is a new special award and stickers for use in FaceTime and iMessage.

New Apple Watch challenge titled 'Ring in the New Year' 1

The requirements are simple- move about for a minute for twelve different hours, complete a 30-minute exercise daily and burn your personal goal for active calories. The challenge goes live January 7 and ends on the 31st of the month. A notification pop-up appears when the Activity Challenge is ready.