Apple to launch new iPad Pros and 10.2 inch iPad soon


Last year marked the biggest update to the iPad since its inception; the company killed the home-button on the iPad Pro, added FaceID to the iPad, and made the screen go almost edge-to-edge. However, the software on the device could perform limited tasks; so at WWDC this year, Apple unveiled iPadOS which is capable of doing a lot of “PC” tasks.

New iPads 2019

All the iPads are due for a refresh, except iPad Mini which was updated earlier this year. The iPad Pros and the basic iPad will reportedly be updated at the iPhone event in September or in October. The biggest change according to the reports, will be the change of the display size on the iPad from 9.7inch to 10.2inch. Since the first iPad, the 9.7inch has been the “iPad” size and it appears as if Apple is ready to move-on.

iPadOS brings desktop-class features to the iPad

However, we still don’t know as to whether Apple will make the iPad bezel less like the Pro models or stick to the TouchID home-button. The $329 iPad model has been very popular with people use it for basic web browsing and who likes to watch YouTube, stream Netflix on a screen bigger than their phone’s. It offers bang for the buck – premium quality tablet for a quarter of the price of an iPhone XS Max.

The iPad Pros on the other hand will reportedly get two cameras on the back just like the premium iPhone models. The iPad has never been a camera tool for clicking shots of nature or taking pics at a party but with the push of Augmented Reality (AR) content, the iPad could do more than just act like a “netbook” in the future. Apple could also reduce the starting price of the iPad Pro, as it always prices the first generation product high and then eventually reduces the price (except the iPhone).


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