New video reveals the Apple face mask in greater detail

A few months ago it was mentioned that Apple had developed a face mask for use by retail and corporate employees.

Today, we get a closer look at the design and technology behind the mask courtesy of an unboxing video on YouTube.

Apple Face Mask

Apple’s face mask was made by its Industrial Design and Engineering team to lower the risk of COVID-19 spread in corporate offices and retail stores. The package contains 5 masks that are individually sealed and have adapters to change the ear loops, thereby providing a customized fit.

On the box are instructions on how to use the face masks, which include washing of hands before opening the mask and adjusting it depending on the wearer’s preference.

YouTube channel Unbox Therapy mentioned that the mask feels better compared to conventional ones due to its three-piece make, a triangle shape in the nose area, adjustable strings and rounded chin section.

The Apple face mask is currently unavailable for general public use.