New York MTA partners with Apple on proper Face ID and Mask use

Apple just recently improved its Face ID technology to work for iPhone users even when they wear face masks. Now, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is asking Tim Cook, Apple CEO to provide customers information on how they can use it in a way to prevent COVID-19 infection.

On iOS 13.5 Apple made a small change to Face ID. When the iPhone detects a mask the passcode screen comes up automatically and it won’t wait for the face scan to fail.

Safe Travels info graphic

Patrick Foye, MTA chairman sent a letter to Cook regarding the use of ‘new technologies and solutions’ to protect commuters from the ongoing pandemic. In the letter, Foye mentioned how the MTA and Apple could partner up in increasing awareness of wearing masks properly and the Face ID changes brought about in iOS 13.5.

The transit authority hopes that less people would be inclined to take off their masks to unlock Face ID when they know the new protocols.

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