iTunes is dead and Apple Music is the future


Steve Jobs quipped that iTunes was the best software written for Windows ever. While it may be true, the software has shown its age. People use their desktop/laptop less as a hub because phones can almost do everything on their own. App installations? You’ve got an app store for that. Sync data across devices? You’ve got cloud for for that. 

iTunes is dead

For the past three years, the iTunes app has incorporated Apple Music, the company’s music streaming platform. Soon it turned into an app that you use only for streaming music but filled with bloat; stuff that isn’t required anymore. It was only a long time coming that Apple would ditch iTunes in favour of a dedicated music streaming app for the Mac. 

With great power comes great responsibility

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At WWDC 2019, Apple unveiled the next version of macOS named Catalina (10.15). It brings a slew of new features along with a new Apple Music app similar to the one found on iOS/iPadOS. However, the company did not reveal whether it plans to do the same on Windows i.e replace Windows version of iTunes with Apple Music app.

Also, during the Steve Jobs era, the company added the functionality of podcasts to iTunes. In 2019, the podcasts business is booming. YouTube may still be the most popular place for content creation but podcasts is growing at a very fast pace. Popular tech video makers like MKBHD also decided to join the podcasting race. So, to make the experience of listening to podcasts easier, the company is also set to launch a dedicated Podcasts app on the Mac.

macOS is cleaner than ever

iTunes is dead and Apple Music is the future

For those who like things the old way and prefer to see the status of their iOS devices & sync, can still do the same. The only difference being, the device will show up in the side-bar of the Finder.

macOS Catalina is expected to be released in the month of October.


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