Apple old Orchard Store in Skokie Opening on September 28


Apple Old Orchard will be relocating to a new place and opening on September 28.

Apple Store

The ‘new’ Old Orchard Apple Store will tout a redesign just like with the other renovated stores. It will have stone walls and a plank ceiling, an improvement from its original drywall finish and pinstripe glass dividers.

The Skokie, Illinois-based store is the 5th to have undergone a transformative renovation that reflects the latest design elements from Apple. In the meantime, Apple Oakbrook will most likely have a Forum and a video wall, but there hasn’t been any announcements yet.

The new store can be found near Nordstrom, across Peloton and J. Crew. A dark blue background with the Apple logo on the walls announce the grand opening event that will happen September 28 at 10 a.m. Surrounding the store are barriers that let people know there’s a renovation happening inside.

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