Option to Sign-in with Apple is now available for IFTTT, The New York Times, and other Apps

Medium, IFTTT and The New York Times are among several others that have now included sign-in with Apple feature to their apps. These apps add this feature before the deadline which was 30 June. 

This update comes from a Twitter user @MetroManTo. He tweeted: 


“Apple users, it’s been a big week for Sign In With Apple. Apps like Medium, IFTTT, NYTimes, Strava, Ritual, Freshii, Fiverr and dozens more now offering the privacy of Apple’s anonymous sign-in method”

He also added that it was a relief that he is now no longer tracked by Facebook’s Zuckerberg. It seems like, MetroManTo other users will also like this sign-in option.

Apple introduced the sign-in with the Apple option in iOS 13. With this, the users can create their accounts on various websites using their Apple ID. This option also allows the users to choose the data which they want to share with the App they sign-in. This option also allows the users to hide their email addresses from those Apps.

Apple’s sign-in options are more secure than others. Many users think that Apple sign-in option using Face ID or Touch ID is securer than alternative services. The reasons are that Apple doesn’t send personal information to the website or the App users sign-in.