Parler App blocked from App Store

Apple has suspended the app Parler from its App Store, saying how the developers failed to address dangerous content and take adequate measures.

Parler is a social media app that promotes ‘non biased, free speech’. On Friday Apple sent a letter to the company saying how the app promotes illegal activity and threats of violence, and that it will be blocked if there aren’t any adequate measures to address threats and their proliferation regarding people’s safety. The Cupertino-based company further mentioned how there were numerous complaints regarding objectionable content, and how Parler was used to facilitate, coordinate and plan illegal activities on January 6 in Washington DC.

Parler responded by saying how they have been trying to take care in removing harmful content for weeks and asked for more time in the moderation period. Apple countered by saying that a task force isn’t enough given the proliferation of harmful content, thereby leading to the app’s suspension.

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