The partnership between Apple News and New York Times ends


Earlier today The New York Times announced that it will now pull all articles of it’s from the Apple News.  New York Times says that it is affecting their direct relations with the customers and offering articles on Apple news does not align with their strategy to build a strong and direct relation with the paying readers.


The articles from the New York Times will no longer be available on the Apple News App. Now the New York Times wants its readers to redirect to their mobile app and website instead of reading their news on Apple. The chief operating officer Meredith Kopit Levien sent out a memo to the employees that said:

“Our relationship with ‌Apple News‌ does not fit within these parameters.”

She said that our customers will now redirect to our website where we can control how we display the content and present our report. One Apple spokesman said in a statement that the New York Times only gave Apple a few stories in a day.

Apple will continue offering trusted information to its users from various other resources. The spokesman also added that we support quality journalism via proven business strategies of commerce, subscriptions, and advertising.

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